Mission Statement

Quality iRepairs is among the most trusted names for all your iPhone, iPad and iPod repairs.
Let the professionals bring your device back to life!
At Quality iRepairs we understand that having a broken device can be a very stressful time and we are here to make it all better! We always treat every device as if it’s our own and more than anything, we want to make it look and work great again. We’ve seen it all! We’ve repaired phones that have rested at the bottom of a lake, to phones flying out of roller-coaster loops. We have recovered numerous computers from viruses and even computers that have had an untimely date with a cup of coffee. Let the professionals bring your device back to life!

Mission Statement


Our Mission is to provide timely repair solutions to our customer’s troubled devices while maintaining industry’s highest standards in customer service, craftsmanship, and quality of parts.

Dimitry Trautman, Founder, DP Store Manager
Igor Veksler, Founder, LM Store Manager


iRepairs Team

  • Dimitry Trautman

    Founder, DP Store Manager

  • Igor Veksler

    Founder, LM Store Manager

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